The telecom firm has probably the best mtn mobile tariff plan for call rate designs in the nation. 

One actuality is observable about these duties

aside their apparently modest nature,

the call rates are elements of the volume of reward given.

MTN Nigeria has one of the most extensive system structures in the nation.

Their system quality is apparently the best and that is not all.

More reward, high call rates;

less reward, better call rate.

Aside these plans, there are rewards and promotions by MTN Nigeria right now humming. 

Then, the modest tax plans are sketched out in no specific request underneath: 

Levy plan        Call rate        Migration code 

  • mPulse        15 kobo/sec        *344*1# 
  • XtraSpecial     Prepaid        15 kobo/sec    *408# then select 1 
  • BetaTalk    42 kobo/sec        *123*2*6# 
  • Pulse        11 kobo/sec        *406# 
  • AWUF4U    45 kobo/sec        *888*PIN# 
  • XtraValue    45 kobo/sec        *131*2# 
  • YafunYafun    42 kobo/sec        *555*digits PIN# 
  1. YafunYafun – MTN modest calls duty plans

This offer guarantees 700% credit reward to new MTN clients.

As another client on the system,

you additionally gain admittance to free WhatsApp substantial for 3 days. 

YafunYafun charges 66.67k/sec (N40/min)

from the fundamental record and 75k/sec (N45/min)

from the reward represent calls inside the nation. 

More component include: 

  • The broadcast appointment reward is substantial for 7 days. 
  • You will get the reward on everything about revives for a time of 3 months. 
  • After 3 months you will be consequently relocated to MTN BetaTalk tax plan. 
  • Recharge with *555*digits PIN# from N100 and above 
  • Dial *559*43# to check reward balance. 
  1. MTN mPulse

Mtn acquainted this tarrif plan with carter for the versatile

need of children and young people

between the ages of 9 – 15 years.

Being a youngster associated levy plan,

it offers leaving value cut. 

For information packs,

children and adolescents could get

perusing information at a much scaled down cost.

To relocate to this arrangement,

Dial 3441# from another or existing MTN SIM;

or Send ‘mPulse’ to 131. 

With the budject-accommodating duty plan,

national calls are charged at 15k/sec. 

  1. MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid Tariff Plan 

With MTN XtraSpecial levy plan,

clients are charged at 15k/Sec(N9/Min)

to all systems in Nigeria.

Some chose universal goal are likewise

charged at the standard rate. 

The advantage of getting a half information reward

on each acquisition of N2000 month to month

group could be delighted in on this duty plan.

To relocate to MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid Tariff Plan,

dial *408# and select 1 move or content 408 to 131 

  1. MTN XtraValue Bundles – Best MTN Mobile Tariff Plan

The MTN XtraValue Bundle plan gives

you more information and broadcast

appointment for voice calls beginning

from N300 to N20,000.

They are of two classifications: 

XtraTalk Bundles – More broadcast appointment for Voice calls than information 

XtraData Bundles – More volume of Data than broadcast appointment. 

This piece focuses on the Xtra Talk pack and some chose buy esteems are recorded: 

Group Cost:            N300        N500        N1,000 

Broadcast appointment Value for Calls:    N1000    N1,950    N3,900 

Information Value:            50MB        100MB    300MB 

To Subscribe,

Text V300 to 131;

Or Text V500 to 131;

Perhaps you want Text V1000 to 131. 

  1. MTN Pulse Tariff Plan 

Officially MTN iPulse prepaid levy,

calls to MTN line and different systems are charged

at a level pace of 11k per secs subsequent

to burning through 25k/secs for the initial 50 seconds.

You can stream music on Music+ at 10/day. 

More highlights include:

100% information reward on acquisition of 500MB

week by week pack;

information bonud upon energize.

Dial 4061# or 1232*2#

or content 406 to 131 to actuate. 

  1. MTN BetaTalk Tariff Plan 

MTN BetaTalk gives MTN prepaid endorsers 250%

broadcast appointment reward on revives above N100.

150% reward broadcast appointment will be

remunerated on each energize underneath N100. 

National calls when on the

MTN Beta Talk duty plan is normally

charged at NGN25.20/minute (42k/seconds)

from the fundamental record

and N27/minute (45k/sec) from the reward account. 

To Migrate to MTN BetaTalk,

dial 1232*6# OR content BT to 131. 

7.MTN AWUF4U Plan 

This offer increases broadcast appointment upon energize.

You will get 200% broadcast appointment reward

on each revive underneath N100 and 300%

broadcast appointment reward

on each energize from N100 or more. 

To get all these, energize utilizing

a unique USSD code or by means of VTU:

The code to utilize is 888PIN#.

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