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As an android user, I understand the constant search for the best customization apps for Android.

Which is nice, since Android gives you the opportunity to customize your phone however you like it (that makes iPhone users jealous)

You change literally anything on your android phone, provided you have the right applications to do so.

Now that’s what this post is here for: to show you some of the best customization apps you can use for your Android phone right now.


We kick off the list with two apps at the same time. Weird right? Well, that’s for genuine reasons.

These two are joint best keyboard app you find for your Android device.

They both excel with theming and customizations, and they act their fundamental roles without fault.

There is a difference between the both of them, however.

SwiftKey is more at home with users who want more utilitarian “power user” look and feel, while GBoard is simpler and more mainstream.

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If you want to get rid of your boring preinstalled keyboard (and you should), you should definitely start from these two apps.


This is the app to get for your widget customization. It allows you to make your widget look however you like it.

The fun part about this app is that it allows you to make a widget out of things like weather, calendar, clock, music controls and so much more.

You can make your widgets look like your wallpaper and theme, and customize until you can do so no more!

The app is basically free, but to get the full features, you’d need to pay $4.99.

NavBar Apps

As you might have guessed, this customization app is geared towards your navigation bar below the screen.

Why stick with the boring blocky nav buttons when you can jazz things up with the NavBar Apps?

It allows you do things like change themes and colors (at times and instances you want them).

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It’s basically free, but you won’t enjoy it all that much. A one-time $1.99 in-app purchase unlocks the whole NavBar Apps to you.

Navigation Gestures

You think keeping your old nav buttons is okay? Check this out. Navigation gestures allows you to ditch nav buttons for gestures, just like it is found on android 9 and 10.

With this customization apps you only use swipes and taps around the screen area, which is much cooler than poking at old on-screen buttons.

There’s the basic and the premium version; the former is free while the latter goes for $1.49.


Wallpapers can be a hard thing to deal with; you just don’t which one to choose!

But the thing is, you don’t necessarily have to choose, and that’s why Tapet exists.

It is a customization app that allows you automatically change your wallpaper all with one tap.

You don’t even have to choose anything, just tap away, and Tapet would change the pattern, color, and variant of the wallpaper.

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I must say, this is one the best wallpaper customization app you’d find for your Android.

The app is basically free, but if you want premium, it costs $11.99.

Wrapping up on Best Customization Apps For Android

The beauty of Android, is that you can customize almost everything to any length.

But you really customize without the right customization apps, which is why I have listed some of the best customization apps for your android device.

Do check them out.



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