It’s 2019, and as we all know, the world is fast evolving, and that evolution is stemmed from Best Cheap Laptops for Students in 2019

Everything and everybody is going digital and it’s just what it is! It won’t be nice to get caught out of current trends,

which is why part of what I hope to do, is to enlighten and give guides on how to keep abreast of digital trends.

Most of the things I post borders on how to take advantage of the internet space and make some money off of it, and, as some of my readers may have noticed,

I direct my posts to the younger generation when I can. However, there is no making money online without first being online,

which is why this post would be explaining one of the most important devices that would take you online: Laptops.

I believe the younger generation (who are predominantly students) should understand

that the importance of a portable PC in the quest to making money online cannot be overemphasized,

and they need it for academic purposes as much as they do for online business ideas that can fetch them some earnings.

This post is the compilation of the cheapest laptops they can get, with resources that would be

just enough for both their academic needs and their online business needs.

Best Cheap Laptops under $300 2019

Lenovo IdeaPad 110S- 11IBR

Right at the beginning of the list, is the Lenovo IdeaPad 110S-11IBR. It is a simple laptop, yet has an elegant look to it;

it is decently capable, and of course, affordable. It stands at 11.6 inches, giving it a footprint that’s not too small or big;

just right for a lot of people. The rest of its specifications are pretty decent too; it’s got an Intel Celeron N3060 processor,

coupled with an Intel HD Graphics Card, 2GB of Random Access Memory and 32GB of Internal Storage.

Also, it ships with Windows 10, which is the mainstream Windows software version right now.

As far as connections go, it’s got an HDMI port, two USB ports, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Intel processor is pretty entry level that is capable running simple tasks well, but struggles at heavier tasks;

the storage is also on the low side, but you can assuage this through an external hard drive.

The Lenovo 110S-11IBR comes in interesting colour options; Red, Silver, Blue, and White, and it’s price starts form N75,000 (~ $208).

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It’s a pretty decent laptop that’s probably the most affordable in the market right now.

This Laptop is fit for students who only need to do PDF readings, and other light academic stuff on a laptop,

and also for people who are majorly writers and are into some online businesses that doesn’t require much resources.

HP 255

The next laptop on the list is from a popular laptop manufacturer, HP. The HP 255 is a laptop family form HP, and the latest is the HP 255 G6.

They come in different memory configurations, from 2GB RAM upwards, but I recommend

that you go for the one with 4GB RAM and 500GB internal storage, it’s the best in the family if memory configurations are to be considered.

The HP 255 G6 comes with an AMD quad-core processing chipset, which can attain a maximum clock speed of 2.16GHz;

this is zippy fast for almost any task thrown at it. The other impressive features of the laptop include the 4-cell Battery unit,

and the ample 15.6 inches unit, and Windows 10 it comes in. This laptop is fit for Business oriented people, as well as the average student, who might want to use a laptop that’s fit for both work and play.

The most  interesting feature of the HP 255 laptop family is their affordability, and the HP 255 G6 comes in at around N80,000 (~$223).

If you’re hoping to get more bargain, you could try out the older generations such as the HP 255 G5 or the HP 255 G4, although, the latest model,

which is the HP 255 G6, is the one I’d recommend, because you’d be getting a faster processor, better battery life, and an improved battery life.

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series Laptop

Dell is another popular laptop brand that has been around for quite a while, and the

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series Laptop is very identical to the laptop mentioned above.

It’s got the familiar 4GB RAM – 500GB ROM memory configuration (which I think should be

the base memory configuration most people should consider when buying a laptop),

and is powered by a 2.16GHz processor which has been optimized for Windows 10 Operating System.

It comes with a display size of 15.6 Inches (which explains why there is “15” in its name) that’s great for media consumption as much as productivity.

This laptop costs under N100,000, and depending on where you are purchasing it form, you get a 1-year warranty.

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It’s a very decent laptop for the average everyday student, and the business oriented folks.

HP Stream Series

The HP Stream Laptop Series is geared towards the educational sector, which makes them great for Nigerian students.

handle all academic tasks pretty well, and still leave room for some light online business activities.

come in three variants: the HP Stream 14, HP Stream 11, and the HP 11 Pro, and all come pre-installed with Windows 10 Operating System.

They all come with memory configurations of either 2GB or 4GB of RAM, and the internal storage options of either 32GB or 64GB;

if you find those storage options too small for you (which you will pretty quickly, if you store a lot of content),

you could always use an external drive to store your files.

The HP Stream laptop series wouldn’t be a bad laptop option, especially when you consider the fact that the laptops under this series are pretty affordable:

they start from around N65,000 and max out at just under N100,000. They are a pretty good buy

for students who would like to do things such as typing assignments and term papers, and also for light business activities online;

at least, it’s more than capable in taking you online anytime.

HP 250 – Best Cheap Laptops for Students

The HP 250 series is very similar to the HP 255 series I’ve talked about earlier (think of them as cousins of some sorts).

The only major difference there is between the both of them is that the HP 250 uses Intel Processors, while HP 255 series uses AMD processors. – Best Cheap Laptops for Students

The HP 250 series comes in the same 4GB – 500GB memory configuration, and the same screen size (typically 15.6 inches)

Admittedly, most of the laptops in the HP 250 series costs more than N100,000, but there are variants that costs less than that,

with the all the features except the processor, which is a lower-end Intel Celeron Processor.

All of these doesn’t take anything away from the fact that this range of laptops is fit for the everyday

student who wants to organise his academic life, as much as he/she wants to try out some online business ideas.

Lenovo IdeaPad 100 [Top Best Cheap Laptops for Students]

This is another entry from Lenovo, and I’m mentioning it not just because of the name,

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but also because of what it is capable of doing, and the great value for money it has.

The IdeaPad 100 comes with a memory configuration of 2GB of RAM and 500GB of internal storage, which is good enough for folks who have a lot of files to keep.

It’s got a 15.6 High Definition display that’s powered by an Intel HD Graphics Card; media consumption is a breeze on the screen, as well as typing, and other things.

The whole system is juiced up by a 4-cell Li-ion Battery, which is very good; and on the inside,

there’s an Intel Celeron Chipset, which is capable of 2.16GHz maximum clock speed.

Windows 10? Check, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi? Check. It’s even got an added feature in the form of a rugged case (for the “rugged” ones amongst us)

Costing well under N100,000, the Lenovo IdeaPad is another laptop that’s great for students

who might be getting a laptop for the first time, and for people who need a proper PC for their online businesses.

Acer Aspire ES1 as Best Cheap Laptops for Students

Even Acer has an entry on this list, and it’s the Acer Aspire ES1. Many of us must have heard of Acer from a long time ago;

they’ve been around for a while, especially known for the habit of offering High-end specifications at a mid-level prices.

The Acer Aspire ES1 still has some of that habit in its DNA, as it comes with 2GB of RAM and 500Gb of internal storage;

Intel Celeron Quad core chipset, USB 2.0, 3.0, and HDMI ports, Windows 10 Operating System and a pretty decent battery.

All of these come at a very affordable price: well under N100,000, and it’s very suitable for the average student who needs a laptop for his digital needs.

Conclusion on Best Cheap Laptops for Students

All of the mentioned Laptops are very good for students who are just getting their first laptops, or folks who need to do light to medium tasks online.

Needless to say, these laptops would handle simple to mild computational tasks but not heavy ones; which is the trade-off for their affordability.

I recommend these laptops for students who are looking to get into light online business activities

such as Blogging and Freelance Writing; these laptops are not suitable for such things as

heavy graphics design, software development, and other graphic intensive computational tasks.


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