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You cannot begin to imagine how awesome it is that the upcoming Apple iOS update would let you use your phone as a car key!

It’s the kind of thing from sci-fi movies, and Apple is about to make them a reality.

According to substantial reports, the upcoming iOS 13.4 would give iPhone and Apple Watch the opportunity to use their phones to unlock and start their vehicles.

This is coming from 9to5mac, whom went further to point out that the beta update has been released to developers by Apple.

The iOS 13.4 update has references to an API called CarKey API, 

which makes it possible to use an iPhone and Apple watch as an unlocking and ignition mechanism for cars.

The mode of operation wouldn’t require the Face ID for authentication, as it seems;

all you would have to do is take the device close to the vehicle and it unlocks.

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For added security, the functionality would allow other people have access to a vehicle,

provided the primary user has added them as a trusted family member, or they get a friend invite.

Conclusion on Apple iOS Update Would Let You Use Your Phone As A Car Key

As it stands, nobody really knows when the update would be rolling out to everyone,

but be rest assured that this functionality is already in the works.

This is good news for iPhone or Apple watch owners (and would-be owners as well),

as there would be more reasons to keep using the  iPhone or the Apple Watch,

or buy one eventually, as the case may be.


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