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Amazon’s Alexa, popularly known as Alexa is a fast-rising virtual assistant developed by Amazon.

It was initially released in November 2014 and currently operates on android 4.4, Fire 5.0 and IOS 8.8.

Amazon is really putting all his effort to increase the large scale investment.

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It also enables communication in

English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Italian languages.

Recently, News on Alexa has become a hot cake in the tech world,

which is due to its advancements and technological updates.

Let’s briefly go through the latest updates on Alexa.

To start with, you can now check the last mail posting dates on Alexa.

Alexa partnered with royal mail to enable this feature,

which is presently running for UK posts.

Moving on, Alexa is about to expand its tentacles in the technology market as Amazon announces

its upcoming availability on

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headphones, headsets, smartwatches, and every other portable, Bluetooth enabled devices.

Amazon intimated the public about the fact that its made its Mobile Accessory Kit available to software developers.

With Alexa, you can make Skype calls.

This can simply be executed by telling Alexa to call anyone you have stored on its enabled devices.

Interestingly, Amazon’s Alexa can also guide on basic culinary skills as it

instructed Quart’s technology team on what to do and how to do in the preparation of turkey.

Also, Alexa’s ability to store information on a database has made her relevant, so much that

a presiding judge over the New Hampshire’s double murder case

demands a voice –clip on Alexa’s recorded speech as evidence in court.

If you’ve not checked out Amazon’s Alexa, then this is definitely for you.

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