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Airtel Night Plan has been around for quite a while now, through SmartTrybe, but there’s the new subscription plan they’re offering.

The new subscription was due to the release of Trybe 2.0; there was a price change that also affected Airtel Night Plans.

Formerly, you can get 1.5GB for N200, but that has been discontinued.

The former plan that gives you 500MB for N25 has been reviewed to give 250MB for N25.

As far as the Airtel night Plan goes, that’s the only one left, and you can get it by doing the following:

Simply have up to N25 or more in your account, and then dial *312#, press 3 to activate the plan.

The plan is valid in one night, from 12 am-5 am; and you can actually buy multiple plans in a night.

Conclusion on Airtel Night Plan

the is an obvious cutback on what subscribers used to get before.

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From the beginning, N50 gets you 1GB throughout the night, then it got jacked up to N200.

 Then they removed that completely. Even the N25 for 500MB plan that they could have left, got slashed too.

So, all you’ve got left in the way of Airtel Night Plan is N25 for 250MB.

But when you look at the competition, it’s still fair: Glo offers 1GB for N200 while 9Mobile offers 1GB for N200 also)

Besides, you can subscribe to it multiple times during the night. That should count for something.


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