I’ll be on about how to get the Airtel Nigeria 4G Data Plan for 2019 and 2020. Also airtel unlimited data plan for 100 naira, I’m going out on a limb to say that 4G data is the data everyone should be talking about (if you aren’t using a 4G SIM as of now, you really should this coming year; it’s great!)

Airtel Nigeria 4G Data Plan is pretty robust at the moment, but heading into 2020, be sure it’s going to get even better. – airtel data plan 2019

Get Airtel Nigeria 4G Data Plan: Cheapest Airtel 4G Data Plan

airtel unlimited data plan

I’ll be highlighting the 4G data plans that are currently available and would be in 2020.

For starters, you’ve got the 15GB for N5000 4G data plan, which would last for 30 days (technically a month), which can be activated by dialling *370#.

Then there’s the 40GB for N10000 4G data plan, which is also monthly, and can be subscribed to using the USSD *370#. airtel nigeria data plan

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If you want to go big, get 75GB for N15000 4G data plan; lasts you 30 days, and you simply have to dial *370#. – airtel data plan cheat

Going bigger still? There’s the 120GB for N20000 4G data plan; 30 days validity, and the USSD is *370#.

Conclusion on Airtel Nigeria 4G Data Plan

You really should be getting Airtel Nigeria 4G Data Plan right now, even more as we head into the spanking New Year 2020. – airtel mifi data plan

Bear in mind, however, that the 4G Data Plans that we’re discussing, aren’t the normal data that can be used anywhere – airtel 4g data plan 2019

These data plans are locked to Airtel’s 4G Routers, which means you can’t use the data once you’re out of 4G coverage. – how to activate airtel 4g

Generally, it is expected that you plan to use the 4G data plans with a 4G Mi-fi or at least a 4G enabled smartphone; and be in an area where 4G connectivity is very strong.

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