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Sports betting is said to be as old as sports themselves – but they didn’t take on their organized form we know today until much more recently.

Numerous attempts have been made across history to regulate betting but it always carried a stigma.

Not today, though. An ever-increasing number of jurisdictions – including the United States, a long-time anti-betting bastion – now regulates sports betting instead of simply banning it.

In Nigeria, sports betting is said to be a huge business, especially with the growing number of connected devices, mostly smartphones, making a Betway app download

as easy and accessible as walking into the betting shop on the corner.

A recent estimate has put the size of the Nigerian sports betting market to a value of $2 billion, especially due to the rapid spread of mobile betting.

And this presents some opportunities for the budding online entrepreneur.

Online gambling grows fast

According to H2 Gambling Capital, a company focused on providing the iGaming industry with market insights and informed predictions, estimated that the online gambling market in Africa has reached a total value of more than $996 million in 2019 – and that it will continue to grow fast in the coming years.

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With the continued spread of smartphones and other connected devices, an ever-increasing mass of potential customers will enter the pool.

If all goes well, H2 estimates that the African iGaming market will exceed the value of $2 billion by the year 2024.

A sweet opportunity

Promoting an online gambling business is a bit harder today – many major ad networks don’t accept gambling ads at all, and there are many websites that feel reluctant to display gambling advertising.

This opens up an opportunity for online publishers to generate a bit of revenue by enrolling in an affiliate network.

Make no mistake – gambling affiliate networks pay top dollar to their successful publishers but it’s not as simple as it may sound.

Aside from bookmaker reviews and affiliate links, webmasters need to go that extra mile to offer their readers what they need: informed betting tips, honest opinions, and no misinformation. 

A sports betting affiliate website is relatively easy to maintain.

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After all, there are many sports among the betting options at pretty much any bookmaker online, and all of them have their share of events to cover day after day.

Besides, there are professional tipsters that provide odds for pretty much every major event. And what better year to get into sports publishing than one with a new edition of the Summer Olympics coming up?

Online sports betting is an ever-increasing market – and it comes with a bunch of sweet opportunities.


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