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You definitely must have heard of affiliate marketing, or maybe you’re already into it and having a good time already. I’m going to giving you the know-how on how to keep making money from affiliate lifetime marketing.

If you’re hoping to get started with affiliate marketing, I’d suggest you start as soon as possible. – best affiliate programs

It’s such a good idea that I wonder why you’ve not started soon!

If you’re already into affiliate marketing, I’m happy for you, but I’m also here to tell you, it can be better.

You could literally be earning a steady income through affiliate lifetime marketing.

For the uninitiated, affiliate lifetime marketing means that you, from whom a customer is referred,

would keep earning for as long as the customer keeps paying for that particular product.

affiliate commissions

This is the finest form of passive income if you ask me since you keep earning

your money every single time the person that has come through your affiliate link makes the purchase.

Now, it doesn’t matter if that person has used your referral link just two days before, or 6 months ago,

you keep making getting your cut as he/she makes a purchase every single time. How sweet!

best affiliate programs to make money

In this post, I will be discussing some of the best affiliate lifetime programs you should

consider if you want to take your affiliate marketing game to the next level.

These affiliate programs have a recurring affiliate lifetime earnings, which means you earn some passive money, on a recurring basis,

also you don’t have to be uncertain about what you earn as an affiliate marketer. This is really nice if you ask me.

Beginners could start with these affiliate marketing programs, while those of you who are already into some other programs,

could consider these ones, to “spice up” your earning potential.

Affiliate Lifetime

Here are some of the best affiliate lifetime programs you should check out:

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Starting right off on the list is GetResponse. GetResponse is an email marketing platform.

Over the years, they’ve acquired additional services such as web forms, webinars, landing pages and so on.

This means they’ve become really valuable to webmasters and web developers,

and their affiliate marketing program gives you the opportunity to take advantage of that. – recurring affiliate programs

Their affiliate program would pay you 33% of the payment your referee makes to GetResponse, and that’s recurring.

Now, that’s interesting, because, if you happen to be a blogger or a freelancer

that’s got the majority of his audience and clients to be web developers and webmasters,

referring them to GetResponse would earn you a substantial recurring income.

33% of each payment your referred customer makes every single time, would definitely add up to become something substantial over time.

software affiliate programs

Now imagine when you have numerous customers coming from your referral link, it becomes more of “easy money”!

The mode of payment is PayPal (you will need a PayPal account, and that shouldn’t be an issue even as a Nigerian), and the minimum payout is $50.

All in all, GetResponse affiliate program comes together to give you a really juicy affiliate lifetime package that’s really hard to pass up.

Lead Pages 

If you don’t have a network of webmasters, fret not! You could still be in on some pretty good affiliate lifetime program.

Lead Pages are a page builder (as you might have guessed), and lead generation software organization.

The LeadPages software can be used to create landing pages, lead generation,

and opt-in tools, which is super essential for bloggers and web developers alike.

lifetime affiliate programs

So, even if you don’t have a large network of people who are likely going to be in need of LeadPages software,

it’s easier to get your referral link to those who need the software since we already know the sets of people who would need it.

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Bloggers communities and web development communities are a good way to go when broadcasting your affiliate links,

besides, all you need is a handful of people who would pay for the service, and start receiving earning as they pay for the service over and over!

Another interesting thing about Lead Pages is that they offer their affiliate program through,

which is itself a great repository for affiliate programs.

affiliate programs that pay daily

You will get paid 30% of the payment your referee makes, and that happens for every time he/she makes the payment.

You can get the money through PayPal, although it is powered by Impact; that also means the minimum pay-out is pegged at $50.

Lead Pages is an affiliate lifetime you should consider if you’re looking to keep making a regular income from affiliate marketing’.

affiliate lifetime


Elegantthemes are a WordPress Drag-and Drop premium themes. Beginners and pro webmasters use Elegantthemes a lot;

in fact, their Divi theme is quite popularly used as premium themes.

Where it gets interesting is the fact that they pay you 50% of the payment someone makes for their themes,

if the person was referred by you, and that keeps happening for as long as the person keeps buying themes.

Now that’s interesting if you ask me! You get half of every payment the customer you refer makes, for as long as he/she keeps making it.

It’s just perfect for freelancers that are into WordPress, they could easily recommend Elegantthemes to their clients,

and get some juicy commissions regularly, when they purchase WordPress themes from Elegantthemes.

The payment method is PayPal, so you don’t have to disturb since you already know that PayPal is gradually becoming the standard payment solution these days.

The minimum Pay-out is $50, which is also standard.


SalesHandy is an e-mail tracking and scheduling program, that’s compatible with most major email service providers.

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They also offer mail merge, document tracking, auto email follow-up and a whole lot more.

It is the sort of productivity tool that every entrepreneur would definitely need.

But the interesting bit of this program is its lifetime commission program. They offer a 20% recurring lifetime commission to people who can refer customers.

When you consider the percentage of commission, it might be looking a little low,

but you really can’t complain, given the fact that the commission is recurring!

Payment is done over PayPal, and Stripe (which is not popular in places like Nigeria), and the minimum payout is $50.

If you’ve got a network of entrepreneurs and related persons, this could really be a good idea for you to take advantage of.


AWeber is also an email marketing tool that gives you tools and programs to handle and manage emails professionally.

Unlike other email marketing tools, like GetResponse, you wouldn’t be getting anything other than email tools.

But that’s not why we are here, it’s their affiliate lifetime program that’s worth the mention. They offer 30% recurring commission.

It’s really nice, especially if you’ve got people who are in need of an email tool;

you can easily refer them to AWeber and get your commission, every time they make purchases. – membership affiliate programs

Their payment model used to check only, but they’ve reviewed it, and started allowing

PayPal pay-outs too; you get the somewhat standard $50 minimum pay-out too.


If you are an affiliate marketer or planning to become one, it’s important to try to keep the earning steadily coming in,

and what better way to do this than to get in on some affiliate lifetime program?

The singular fact that you get paid for as long as your referees keep making purchases, makes it very difficult to pass up.

And I’ve listed for you some of the finest affiliate lifetime program which you can consider.


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