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I welcome you to paulgeek.net – Here on About Us Page is An awesome online community where you get to learn just how much the Internet can be of assistance to you financially.

PAULGEEK is a reliable platform where entrepreneurs get tech and business tips and advice. Whether you are a startup, established brand, or a worker looking for passive income, you will find our advice helpful…


is the brainchild of my many years of experience and skills, with research in the area of digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and related fields.

Starting paulgeek.net does have a bit of history, but I’d like to share with you who I am as an “Online person”.

I’m Olorunsola Paul Olorunrantimi, a Final-year Telecommunications Science student at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

I started out humbly, from Google Blogger, and then moved on to WordPress.

After so many hits and misses, I stumbled on SEO, within two years, I got to developing paulgeek.net, and here we are!

Over those years, I’ve acquired an Ethical Hacking Certification and have attended almost a dozen Google Skills Program that has taken place in Nigeria.

That’s not much, but with the experience I’ve acquired along the way, I have been enabled to be in the position to start paulgeek.net.

The mission behind paulgeek.net is quite simple:

to bring to you the latest, hottest and trending tips on Online Businesses, Entrepreneurs Skills, Business Ideas, How-to’s and Startups

So, would you want to acquire knowledge on how to maximize the power of the internet?

Do you really want to learn tips and tricks on several internet applications? 

Do you want to use the internet to Earn, Learn and reach out? paulgeek.net is just the perfect place to come!

I and my team aspire to improve financial literacy and promote financial self-reliance; 

we want to improve on individual and business capacities by providing practicable, value-adding business information that is usable by everyone.

Above all of this, we want to be the online hub for all the things you need to know about marketing yourself digitally.

Paulgeek.net is poised to be the hub that gives you access to digital information that will increase your business potentials in no time at all, and all at almost no cost.

You would be in on the top quality information on businesses, digital money-making platforms, and other tips that are capable of transforming your life for the better;

that’s something you just can’t get within the 4 walls of a classroom!

We hope to be the leading and most trusted online source from where everyone and anyone can have access to practical information,

and leverage the power of the internet for personal development and profit.

Our Services

Currently, paulgeek.net delivers digital services to clients and customers in the following areas:

Blog setup service:

Our Blog Setup Service provides you with a ready-made WordPress website, with a premium theme installed and mobile-optimized responsive.

I realize what a huge draw it is for many people to start up a blog from scratch, all by themselves.

So, I came up with a simple solution to render a blog Setup service to support individuals as they make their foray into the internet.

Learn more about our basic blog setup service here

  1. E-training:

We have our special e-Training package where we train participants on how to combine their careers with schooling at the same time. Learn more about our e-Training service here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions we’re most times being asked by our visitors.

How often does https://paulgeek.net publish content?

Paulgeek.net publishes well-researched contents once that’s available (this is without a fixed frequency) but the guides and courses ever-available on the site keep visitors busy on paulgeek.net

Can I write for you?

Yes of course! Contributors are always welcome on paulgeek.net, as they provide thoughtful commentary on a range of topics.

You could be an author, professional service provider, journalist, technologist, engineer, doesn’t matter, insofar as you write well.

If you have something insightful you would like to share with the thousands of our beloved readers who visit paulgeek.net each month, you’re welcome to submit a final draft of your piece to [email protected]

Do you accept advertising on your site?

Certainly. Please visit our homepage to know more about the sponsored posts advertising opportunities we have.