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Consistently, Nigerian College of Aviation acknowledge new understudies who need to consider flight courses,

gain pilot permit and accomplish their fantasies about flying the world over into their different avionics’ foundation. – rector nigerian college of aviation technology

Do you love movement?

Is it accurate to say that you are keen on being a pilot or might you want to seek after a vocation in the avionics business?

We have all you need.

Not exactly long we made a post about the Nigerian airforce positioning and pay, you should look at that.

In this article I will impart to you what business pilot preparing in Nigeria involves, prerequisites for flying school and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Additionally, you’ll come to realize the best avionics schools in Nigeria Lagos, entrance into school of aeronautics Zaria, courses they offer and their school charges.

So we should begin. 

What Is An Aviation School or Flight School? 

In the first place, what is aeronautics? As indicated by Wikipedia, Aviation alludes to the exercises encompassing mechanical flight and the flying machine industry.

Flight implies flying or working a plane. 

Aeronautics originates from the Latin word ‘avis’ which signifies “winged animal” properly we can say avionics implies travel via air, explicitly in a plane. 

It is additionally protected to state the flight business is the business area that is devoted to assembling and working a wide range of flying machine. 

In this way, an aeronautics school is a domain where understudies are taken in,

prepared in detail as private pilots, business,

multi-motor pilots or as other avionics experts. 

Since we you recognize what aeronautics and avionics school is about,

we should proceed onward. 

Top 6 Best Aviation Schools In Nigeria and Their Fees requirements for aviation school

Here are 6 top certify aeronautics schools in Nigeria authorize by Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority,where intrigued brains can learn and continue to pick up pilot permit. 

1. Nigerian College of Aviation Technology 

Nigerian college of aviation technology zaria

NCAT as it is called is outstanding among other flying school in Nigeria.

It was established in 1964 and furthermore known to be the principal flight school in Nigeria. 

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It is situated at Zaria in Kaduna state and in the past known as Nigerian common avionics preparing focus. 

They have common association with other neighborhood aircraft in Nigeria,

so on the off chance that you plan on turning into a pilot,

at that point be sure to get all the fundamental and basic preparing that should be gained to turn into a pilot in this aeronautics school. 

Licensed Aviation Courses Offered By NCAT admission into school of aviation zaria

Asides preparing a pilot they offer some certify flight courses too which incorporates: 

  • Flying School Courses 
  • Aviation Management Courses 
  • Air Traffic Services 
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering 
  • Aeronautical Telecommunications Engineering courses, 
  • Airport Emergency Procedure courses, 
  • Safety Management For Aviation Practitioners 
  • Training Managers course and; 
  • Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel courses, just to make reference to a couple 

Aeronautics College Zaria School Fees ncat zaria courses and fees

The Nigerian school of aeronautics innovation expenses ranges from #66,000 – #7,500,000 and the term of their preparation could be from multi week to 65weeks. 

You can visit them at Nigerian school of avionics innovation Zaria Kaduna.

You could likewise send them an email on [email protected] or site on 

All of you will concur with me that NCAT is outstanding amongst other flying school in Nigeria. 

2. International Aviation College Ilorin 

This avionics school is additionally a standout amongst other flight schools in Nigeria and it is situated at the universal air terminal Ilorin in Kwara state. 

IAC is the principal exclusive flying school in Nigeria.

They have precious stone air ship available to them and they use it freely in preparing their pilots. 

This avionics school has remote prepared educators that give quality preparing to pilots, air traffic controllers and mechanics. 

Global Aviation College Admission and Courses universal school of aviation

To get induction into International flight school you should be at any rate 17 years old

and furthermore have at any rate 5 SSCE credits in arithmetic, material science, English language, geology and some other subject. 

You additionally need to breeze through different assessments which are capacity test, oral meeting and fitness test. 

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A portion of the courses offered in this school are: commercial pilot training in nigeria

  • Standard Pilot Course
  • Flight Dispatcher Course 
  • Short Safety Courses 
  • Aircraft Technician Course and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

School of Aviation Ilorin Fees and Duration nigeria college of aviation technology fees

Contingent upon the course the span of their courses begins from about two months to 2 years.

School of aeronautics Ilorin charges for private pilot permit is 7 million naira. 

Need I state no more you will concur with me that IAC is likewise among the best avionics school in Nigeria. 

You can visit there site on or send them an email on [email protected] for further requests. 

3. Dhaewood Aviation Business School 

dhaewood aviation business school - nigerian aviation school

Another school which fits into the rundown of best flying school in Nigeria is DABS.

It was built up in 2005 and situated at 30,

Lagos/Abeokuta express way bond transport stop, Ikeja Lagos state. 

This avionics school in Nigeria is a flight school you ought to consider in the event

that you have the goals of taking your planned vocation in the aeronautics business to the following level. 

Dhaewood Aviation Business School is overseen by affirmed group of qualified IATA coaches.

They are additionally known to have joins with schools and colleges abroad which exhibits widely their energy for greatness and exclusive expectation. 

Courses Offered By Dhaewood Aviation School school of aviation in lagos

This flying school in Nigeria offers more than 44 avionics courses different courses.

A portion of the courses they offer are: 

  • Airline Studies 
  • Piloting 
  • Airline Customer Service 
  • Aeronautic 
  • Airline Call Center Course 
  • Aircraft Engineering 
  • Cabin Crew 
  • Aviation Travel and; 
  • Ticketing Reservation to make reference to a couple 

Their Fees ranges from #50,000 – #7,500,000 and the term of their courses begins from 3 months to 2 years. 

You can visit their site on or email them on [email protected] 

4. Landover Aviation Business School 

Here is another avionics school in Nigeria situated in 17, simbiat abiola street, Ikeja lagos.

LABS was established in 2002. 

This avionics school in Nigeria is NCAA affirmed

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and it is additionally the International Air Transport Association approved. 

They have three resources which incorporates:

The workforce of Travel and Tourism which offers essential airfares,

Ticketing Programs and International Air Transport Association (IATA) testaments courses. 

They additionally have the staff of Aviation Technical Operations

which offers fundamental flight dispatcher advance courses and ultimately the workforce of Aviation Management Operations. 

Landover Flight School Courses 

A portion of the courses offered in this flight school are as per the following: 

  • Basic Flight Operations Officers Course 
  • Basic Helicopter Landing Officers Course 
  • Radio Telephony 
  • Passenger Handling Program 
  • Basic Airside Safety 
  • Customers Service 
  • Basic Flight Dispatcher Course 
  • Ticketing Programs 
  • Basic Airfares and then some 

LABS charges begins from #75,000 – #230,000

and the term of their courses relies upon the course of study. 

Visit their site on or email them on [email protected] 

5. Universal School of Aviation Lagos 

This is another flight school in Nigeria situated in Ejigbo Lagos state. USA as it is affectionately called was set up to create aptitude

be it in the local or global aeronautics related organizations. 

This avionics school in Nigeria is partnered with household

and global carrier working all through Nigeria. 

A portion of the courses offered in this avionics school in Nigeria are as per the following: 

All inclusive School of Aviation Courses and Fees 

Recorded underneath are the general flying courses that can be taken: 

  • Aviation the board courses 
  • Flying school courses 
  • Air traffic administrations/correspondence courses 
  • Aircraft support building 
  • Aeronautical broadcast communications building courses 
  • Safety the executives for flying experts 
  • Training troughs course 
  • Airport crisis strategy course 
  • Air traffic wellbeing gadgets work force course 
  • ATSEP correspondence gear support course 
  • Training teacher course 
  • Training designer course 
  • ATSEP route gear support course 
  • observation hardware upkeep course 
  • ATSEP power and office gear support course 
  • Standard pilot course 
  • Flight dispatcher course 
  • Short security courses 
  • Aircraft expert course 
  • Basic flight tasks officials course 
  • Basic helicopter landing officials course 

Their expenses ranges structure #50,000 – #7,000,000 relying upon the courses you might want to enroll for.

Visit them on or send an email to [email protected] 


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