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You know, now is just as good a time to get yourself a spanking new android phone like any other time. – Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying Your Next Android Phone

There are tons of smartphones to choose from, it’s all too easy to get spoilt for choice!

However, I’d advise you back up a bit and take some things first.

These smartphone manufacturers are out to get your money no matter what, so, it’s up to you to try to get the best value for your money when choosing your next android phone.

Luckily, you wouldn’t have to do too much work on that, as I’ve come with 5 of the most absolute things you should consider before concluding that a particular device is for you.

Battery Capacity

This one is a no-brainer, considering the nature of the country we’re in; you definitely wouldn’t want to end up with a phone that would only be alive 2 hours between charges.

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The higher the mAh count, the more likely the device would last longer (e.g. a 5,000 mAh android phone would most likely last longer than a 4,000 mAh one)


You should consider this property of the phone, as it contributes to the speed and stability of the phone.

Things To Consider When Buying Your Next Android Phone

The higher the RAM count, the less likely it is for the phone to “hang” when you start carrying out a variety of tasks on it.


The Processor follows closely after the RAM, and it determines how fast the device can go.

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Everyone loves a fast android phone, so be sure to check out the processor and see if it isn’t a slow one.


Of course, the Camera! This is one property you should totally check out when buying a new android phone.


Check to see if the cameras take crisp shots worthy of Instagram, and selfies that would do you proud.

Storage Capacity – Things To Consider When Buying Your Next Android Phone

Check out the storage capacity of the phone too! You’d definitely want to store all of your music, videos, and all the other stuff.

I haven’t met anyone (here in Nigeria) who would gladly pay for cloud storage; everyone loves putting their stuff on their phones.

storage capacity

The larger the storage capacity, the less reason to spend more in trying to store your files somewhere else.

Wrapping up on Things To Consider When Buying Your Next Android Phone

Unless you just recently got your phone, buying a new android phone is always an option if you have the money.

However, it isn’t wise to just buy phones blindly, especially when you know you’d have to live with the phone for a year or more.

Consider these 5 properties, and you would pick and buy the best option of android phones you can afford.

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