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2019 is a pretty fast year (I don’t know if it’s just me that’s seeing it that way), and at the point where we are in the year, who is a self employed person?

it’s the perfect time to plan for the coming years. You need to seek great skills that will make you self-employed.

Now, I’m no professional economic analyst, but I can boldly tell you that the labour market is

experiencing some radical changes right now, and would continue to experience these changes in the foreseeable future.

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Sadly, this change has already thrown out a whole lot of people from the labour market and would continue to do so. – self employed company

importance of self employment

From skills that are no longer in demand, to other skillsets that have been outshined by newer

skill sets, skilled labour is experiencing a total reshuffling.

It’s a terrifying scene in the labour market, folks!

However, you don’t necessarily have to be left out, or edged out of the competition;

all it takes is for you to learn about the obtainable trends, and adapt, and you’ll still be in the game!

So, I’m here to help. – tips on going self employed

I would be giving you a complete guide to the skills (both hard skills and soft skills) that would give you an edge in the coming year,

so that you get the direction of the labour market, and duly align yourself.

This is a cheat-sheet if you like, but it’s good cheat-sheet since I’m making it available to everyone!

If you can read this post till the end, you hopefully would have gotten an idea on where to focus on, when acquiring skills in 2020.

More so, these are excellent skills that would make you your boss, which is seen as an “added advantage”,

especially when you consider the fact that the labour market is getting crowded, and being self-employed solves that issue for you.

types of self employment

So, here goes the list of skills you need to be on the look-out for in 2020:

Critical Thinking

You might not know this, but robots are out to steal your job! Automation is increasing by the day,

and the things that were once carried out by people, are now done by Bots.

This means humans would now have to double down on their soft skill,

to survive what I call “automation onslaught” in the labour market.

self employed examples

We now have to develop the soft skills that make us more human for the job.

Critical Thinking is definitely one of the hottest skills employers are willing to pay for right now.

Critical Thinking is the ability to evaluate the power of technology, and how it can be used to benefit an organisation and its future.

It is a great skill to have, not just because you can use it to work in a big organisation, but because of what it allows you to do.

With this skill, you can find a very good business idea, build it and manage it better than the average person out there.

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You can be self-employed, and with critical thinking, you turn out to be a better boss.

Consider building this soft skill right now, so that in 2020, you already have it;

and by then, you would then realise just how much of an edge it gives you out there.

People Management

The demand for this particular skill is so high, that people are willing to fake it just to get into an organisation.

While it’s honestly hard these days to tell who’s faking it and who’s not, I recommend that

you try to work on this skill and learn, because it would come in handy when the “going gets tough”

People management involves the act of motivating and developing people and their skills and talents.

It also involves having an eye for the best person for a particular job.

self employed tax calculator

The Media and Energy industries having a serious demand for this particular skill, so if you find yourself in one of the two areas,

actually having this skill (and not faking it) would immediately give you a double advantage;

you would be given a greater preference by employers, should you decide to seek employment,

and you’re just the right person to build a “winning team”, should you decide to become self-employed.

Try to acquire this skill for the coming year 2020, and you’d find yourself with an added edge,

bringing you closer to your dream of being self-employed.

UX Design

This is, of course, a hard skill, and I’m happy to tell you it’s one of the most hotly-demanded skill right now.

You can imagine this to continue into 2020, so, it’s good to get right into it now.

UX design involves enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving how they use it,

how they can access it and how desirable they find it to be.

I cannot overstress how much employers are looking to employ individuals with this particular skill.

self employed jobs

It’s really in-demand, and I’m almost certain it will continue to be right into 2020.

So, if you have talents tending towards that area, or you’re just going to do it anyway,

UX design is a hot-cake skill you should consider for the coming year.

With UX Design, you can function perfectly well, independent of the ever-changing labour market.

I mean, you could become your own boss, either by running you own outfit or just becoming a freelance UX design.

Whichever one you decide to settle for, it’s very likely you would make it really big.

Computer Graphics

Anything that has to do with a computer is really hot cake nowadays, which shouldn’t be surprising,

because after all, we’re effectively in the computer era!

Computer Graphics is a branch (sub-field, actually) of Computer Science that’s, though technical, really in-demand.

It involves the act of digitally synthesizing and manipulating visual contents. 

Long story short, there is a huge preference for you in the labour market once you’ve acquired this skill.

If you wish to be self-employed, this skill makes it a really good idea, and you would start making something substantial in no time at all!

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Digital Marketing

If I’m being asked to pick just one skill in this list as the one I would solely recommend to the readers,

it definitely has to be the skill in Digital marketing.

Right now, Digital Marketing is everything in the business world,

it’s what differentiates the low-income earning companies and the high-income earning companies. 

You’re availing yourself a very great privilege once you learn a skill in digital marketing. Right from the onset,

it allows you to earn a lot on your own,

and not having to answer to another employer. It’s a must-have skill if you’ve decided to be self-employed.

Social Media Marketing

Just like Digital marketing, Social Media Marketing is also an in-demand as of right now.

Actually, Social Media Marketing is an offspring of Digital Marketing and the only difference

between both of them is that Social Media Marketing is more specialized.

Ever heard of “social media influencers” and what they can do? Ever heard of how lucrative it is to be an influencer on social media?

Well, those are the privileges and benefits of having a skill in social media marketing.

If you hope to be self-employed with a good financial standing, this skill would really go a long way in helping to achieve that goal.

Game Development

At this point, you must understand that niche and technical skills are more in demand nowadays,

and it takes more than just the general skill to get by in the labour market.

Game development might look self-explanatory, but it actually encompasses the development of the different types of games

(Console games, Mobile games, and PC games)

It’s a technical skill which requires that you are comfortable with things such as animation, programming and so on.

However, be assured that you’re hot cake, once you’ve learned this skill because there is an increasing demand for it.

This then opens a nice avenue for you to become self-employed,

as you can ply your trade through the Freelancing route and become a freelancer, earning substantially well.

Or, you can whip up a team and open a gaming outfit, which is equally potentially profitable, albeit capital intensive.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis involves the act of defining organizational context and recommending smart solutions to organization’s stakeholders in order to enable change.

If you’ve got this skill, you’re really in luck for the next few years. For those who don’t have it, it’s nice to know it’s easy to acquire.

Employers are willing to pay to have at least one person with this skill in their organisation, and that could be you!

However, this skill doesn’t have a clear cut potential for those who want to be self-employed,

but that’s not to say you can’t be self-employed with this skill.

I would only suggest that you take your time, and secure paid employment first, gain some experience,

before setting out to be self-employed: it’s safer that way.


This particular skill is one I like to refer to as a “classic”.

It’s a profession, but can also be a skill for those who do not have a formal education in Journalism.

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As a skill, journalism is in demand now more than ever: with the Boom of Information on the internet,

there is an obvious gap whereby capable people are needed to convey information in the most flexible and dynamic way possible.

People with this skill are called upon for the task and remunerated big time.

self employed definition

So, there’s the opportunity to be employed into a media outfit,

or just be self-employed, working as a freelancer to several other clients.

Either way, you choose to go with,

you would get a rewarding feeling that you’re meeting a particular information need, and getting paid well for it. 

Pay attention to Journalism skill this time, because, come next year,

it might just be a determining factor that would set you apart from the competition out there.

Sales Leadership

Not every skill has to be internet-based or computer-based, we still need some other human skills,

so that an organisation does not lose their human element.

Sales leadership is one of such skill that makes humans more human on the job,

and if you’re someone who has this skill, you’re in demand!

Sales leadership is all about creating a sales strategy for the organisation,

and then lead the organisation to generate predictable and repeatable profit margin for the company.

It is a real, solid skill that every company needs at one point or another,

so, it is always an added advantage if you have this skill in your resume.

And even if you wish to be self-employed, it’s possible, although I advise that you seek to experience,

so that you have a smoother operation working as a self-employed individual.

Audio Production

Sometimes, low-key skills are the low-key money spinners of this era.

If you have an ability in sound technology, you’re a hot cake on the low key!

Audio production is obviously not mainstream,

but there are people who are very much in need of that particular skill,

and if you have it, you would be in the right place at the right time!

need of self employment

With a skill in audio production, you would be able to produce a recording or live performance;

balancing and adjusting sound sources using audio effects and equalization.

The good news is that you can actually work independently,

being self-employed all the way, without having to answer to anyone.

You can be a freelance full-time, and earn your money, or link up with an agency and work for them,

whichever one that suits you.


Now that we’re more than halfway through 2019, it makes sense to plan for the coming year,

and what better way to do that than start acquiring soft skills and hard skills that are in demand? 

You need not worry about the list of particular skills to look out for,

as I have saved you the stress by giving you this list.

All you need to do now, is to find one which is most comfortable for you.

When you learn any of the in-demand skill I’ve explained above, and you start seeing

the potential has financially, the year 2020 couldn’t come any sooner!


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