How would you like to get 10GB on your network, be it MTN, Airtel, Glo or 9mobile? Do you love it?

Who wouldn’t! Well, I’ve got a nifty method on how you can get it, and it works 100%. It’s all got to do with an app, which gives you free data for downloading and registering on it.

The name of the app is Flaim, and it’s an Instant Messaging app (pretty much like WhatsApp), and it’s relatively new.

It’s trying to get more people to download and use the app, so it rewards you with free data when you download and register Flaim.

All I’m here to let you in on is how you can accumulate up to 10GB of that free data!

To start, download the Flaim app from the Play Store or the App Store – Be sure to use a 2G network connection too.

Once you’ve done that, launch it up and register by inputting your phone number and your name.

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The app would want to verify your phone number by sending you a verification code. It is around this time Flaim would be giving the free data, and that’s when the magic begins!

Now, when you get the verification code, and the processing page shows up, turn off your data.

Within a few minutes, you get the free data, then you do it all again with the same number. You could go on and on till you reach 10GB of data, so get on with it!

The accumulated data would last you for 24 hours, however.

Wrapping Up on getting 10GB on MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9Mobile [100% Working]

A lot of people would really love to have 10GB of free data, and here’s one way to get it. The Flaim app is giving out free data for its promotions, but there’s a way you can tweak it so you accumulate as much data as you want.

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As far as I know, it works 100% at the time of writing, but as we all know, nothing really lasts forever, so I’ll urge you to try it out while it still works!



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